The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The finalie at Yorktown and one day back to GR

Yorktown.  The final 79 miles from Ashland to Yorktown went fast and we arrived at 1:30 PM.  The ride today went through Mechanicsville and Williamsburg.  

The end.  We’re finished.  Pete rode every mile, all 3,740 of them. Dave rode most of them except for the 325 that Phil rode. We were expecting a welcoming parade of adoring fans with big bands and everything, but we forgot to tell them we were coming. In fact we arrived 6 days earlier than our original projection.  
The tire dipping in the Atlantic at Yorktown.

The Victors.

The final mile into Yorktown.

Here’s some stats:
72 – average miles per riding day
126 – the most miles in one day
20 – the least miles in one day
52 – days of actual riding
  4 – rest days
  5 – travel days
29 – nights in motels including travel days
26 – nights camping
  5 – nights in homes or church
  6 - flats
  5 - broken spokes
  4 - trips to bike shops for repairs
  0 - incidents requiring medical attention.  Thanks for your prayers for us.

We found a motel, showered, and then got a Revolutionary War history lesson at the Yorktown visitor center.  We are heading home tomorrow after a stop in historic Williamsburg.
Victory Monument at Yorktown
There's a lot of history here.

A Yorktown resident.


Travel back to GR.  823 miles,  12 hours travel time.
The riders thank-you for your interest. (Do you suppose he'll ever change that orange shirt?)

Phil, Dave and Pete.(and Gary too)

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  1. Good job guys!! So proud of you DAD!!