The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/14 & 15

Hard to get lost on this road.
Lots a mommas and babies

One cowboy and a bunch of cow girls
Campsite in Baker

Ely NV to Baker NV  63 Miles

The passes are not that high but the approaches and the down sides are looong.
Baker NV is a two restaurant town.  That's all there is there.  One of them let us camp free behind the place if we bought our evening meal there.  We did.  Great Basin National Park is there too. The four of us bought a tour of the caverns. A great thing to do on a hot day.

Baker NV to Milford UT.  84 miles.
Another state done. A new time zone. Utah is ahead.  Again the passes were not that high but very long and therefore strenuous.  We saw a lot of wild life including a rattle snake.The cow girls and one lone cowboy were out too.  They were  herding mamas and calves across the road holding up traffic.

A travel editor for Booth News papers has heard about this trip thanks to my sister Nancy.  Kim sent us an email with a bunch of questions. Over the next days, we will be working a responding to them.  Here's what she asked:
"A few things I'd like to know a bit more about:
* Why this as a bucket list trip? Were you looking for something that pushed your physical boundaries a bit? What all appealed to you about the trip you decided to take... about bikes as your transportation mode and about the route you selected?
* Have there been unexpected challenges so far?
* Unexpected or serendipitous moments, re: people you've met/things you've seen?/cool moments between the four of you? ....
* What was that movie with Billy Crystal and his friend doing the out west cowboy thing? Is there something like that in this trip? ... a male bonding thing that maybe doesn't get to happen so much in everyday life?
* Why is it important to do things like this in life, do you think?
* Do you have a goal in mind? ... something you want to get out of the experience?
* Why'd you decide to keep a blog?
Okay. I'll stop now. :)
Do you have any trip photos yet you could send me to run with the column?
- Kim

And after I wrote the What's so amazing about grace? posting Kim asked:
I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all those questions. Love today's blog posts.
One quick question: It was interesting to hear of your reading materials. Do you (and/or the others) see this trip as a pilgrimage? quest? Spiritual quest? ....
and you're welcome to answer any of yesterday's questions that appeal. :)
I will see if the other guys will work at them too.  But gotta go for now.  Supper has to get on.

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