The Riders

The Riders
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nevada is a trip!

This is the 10 million I missed
I have found Nevada to be a great state.  Between snow-capped mountains and dry desert floors, the views are open to all, including bicyclers who can take their time to look around and see the sights.  I am looking for a really intelligent person who can develop a use for sage brush.  The supply is unlimited, as are the opportunities once a use is discovered.  Think about it! 

I had a chance to win $10 million in a Nevada casino, but for some reason, didn't win the full amount-just enough to cover my investment plus $3.  I left a richer and wiser man.

Gary has turned out to be the strongest mountain rider--the mountain man!

Phil has turned out to be an excellent chauffer, cook, trip organizer and finds the best deals in town for lodging.  Today, with 15 miles left to go to Eureka, he also became a cheerleader, encouraging us on for a few more miles.  He is also keeping up the blog for the rest of us, and we appreciate that as he keeps our families and friends informed of the progress we are making.   Water is an important commodity, and as we crossed a section of Nevada with no services for 73 miles, I learned to drink more than ever before.  Pete has been encouraging me to do this ever since our trip together to Atlanta in1996,   Usiing a "camelback" water carrier on my back allowed me to drink just by biting on a mouthpiece on a tube connected to 70 ounces of water.  The water just pours down my throat without the trouble of getting a bottle out of the cage, opening the top, lifing the bottle above my head, squeezing or sucking the water out, closing the top and putting it away, all the while controlling the bike with one hand.

Ten years ago when I did the cross county bike trip with Judy, I said I would do it again any time.  This is the time!  Judy and I celebrated our 45th anniversary yesterday via phone.  Not exactly the same, but will have to do for now.  Stay tuned.

Dave G.

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  1. Prof Gabrielse--Keri here--love reading up on your adventures!!! May God Bless you in the rest of your travels! Looking forward to reading more.