The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A rest Day then a LOOONG Ride

Campsite at Middlegate

Dave's idea of edible road kill.
6/9/11  A rest day in Minden.
We sat around in the AM doing laundry, writing blogs, and waited for the car to be fixed.  We we were warned that the car might take all day, but we had it back by 11:30 am.  So we took a side trip by car to Lake Tahoe.  In the late afternoon, Gary and Pete rode out to the CA/NV state line where Phil pick them up the day before. They did not want to miss any miles riding across county

6/10/11  Minden UT to Middlegate, UT
Phil’s first biking day.  Enroute Phil hit a hard bump and had a blowout.  It took about 20 minutes to replace the tube and to patch the hole in the tire.  Temps were in the 80s with clear skies. The route was basically down hill to Fallon and we cruised long at 25 miles per hour for a few miles.  At Fallon craziness set in and Gary, Dave and Pete decided to go another 50 miles to Middlegate after having ridden 76 miles.  They did it, but were they ever dragging.   Middlegate is not even on most maps. It was formerly a Pony Express station.  It is now a unique, old, junky, rustic bar/grill, camp ground.  Camping was free and we even had a shower available. We cooked dinner and hit the tents by 9:30.

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