The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cedar City UT to Panguitch UT 59 miles over a big mountain

Campsite Panguitch UT

The long climb to 10,600 feet.

Cedar Breaks National Monument at 10,600 ft.
Pete Dykema, Gary Nederveld, Dave Gabrielse, Phil Quist
Nearing the top of Cedar Breaks

Pictures cannot capture the real beauty.

Cedar Breaks still has snow.
The climb was from 5500 ft to 10,600 ft. over 26 miles.  The view from the top was spectacular.  Cedar Break National Monument is located there.  It just opened because of the snow, but the campground will not be open for about another month.  There is a viewing area there which overlooks a canyon 2,500 feet down and three miles across.. A few people expressed surprise that bikes could make the steep climb. Again the ride down was really fun. The camp ground tonight is right on the main drag of Panguitch.  It's a grassy spot.  Perfect. Temps are in the 60s.

Kim the travel reporter asked:
Are you having some unexpected or serendipitous moments, re: people you've met/things you've seen?/cool moments between the four of you? ....
* What was that movie with Billy Crystal and his friend doing the out west cowboy thing? Is there something like that in this trip? ... a male bonding thing that maybe doesn't get to happen so much in everyday life?

We are having a great time together,  I think any shared experience is bonding but this one is not spectacularly so.  All of us have significant relationships in our lives, so this trip is not an attempt to "find ourselves". We are having a good time sharing our spiritual and theological views of life. Gary talked about some of the folks we have met.  We see the two guys from TN every day.  I talked with two young women pulling BOB trailers who are headed the same way we are.  They found someone to bring them to the top of the big hill in a pickup. Cheaters.

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