The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday, June is rainy San Francisco

Tire Dipping in the Pacific

Bike can take the whole lane!

I'm glade we decided to leave our bikes behind.
Yesterday was our fourth and last day of road travel by car, thank goodness. Saturday was about 650 miles of basins and peaks in Utah and Nevada, then the Sierra Nevadas - nevada in Spanish means snow, I think, and we saw plenty of it - and finally grey skies and some rain of the Pacific coast.
We arrived in Vallejo and found lodging at a Motel 6 after being warned away from a Traveler's Inn by a woman walking down the street who said "don't stay there, that's a drug house". She suggested we stay at the Motel 6 some 2 miles north, and we did. Later we saw her at the motel, suggesting this pseudo good citizen was finding customers.
Today we are to see the sites of SF by bike. We are on a ferry ride to the piers of San Fran proper.  We are happy to be in SF, but woke this morning to rain, limiting our interest in bike riding. OK, we aren't as tough as we thought, with three of four of us deciding to leave our bikes in Vallejo.
Dave is still feeling back pain. But is hopeful that tomorrow, when we begin our biking east, he'll be feeling better. -- gary

It's official.  See the pic of Dave and Pete dipping their back tire in salt water at Vallejo.  San Fransisco is a very biking frendly city.  Note the sign Pete is pointing to.  We did a lot of walking up steps and down steps.

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