The Riders

The Riders
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Milford UT to Cedar City UT - 54 miles WIND, WIND, WIND

 Have you ever had to peddle hard in lower gear to go down a long hill?  The riders did today.  The mileage was only 54 with one long pass, but the down hill was just about as hard as the upside, WIND, WIND, WIND. The pic above is Pete getting resupplied with liquid from Phil the water boy.  It was exhausting but we made it to Cedar City UT.  I never heard of it, but it's big.  Big enough to have some auto glass shops.  A semi threw a stone at the windshield a couple of days ago and we now have a ten inch long crack.  Dave is out to see if the windshield can be replaced.  The KOA camp wants about the same rate as a Motel 6, so guess where we are tonight. This trip is getting expensive. But who cares since this is part of the bucket.

Kim asked:
Why this as a bucket list trip? Were you looking for something that pushed your physical boundaries a bit? What all appealed to you about the trip you decided to take... about bikes as your transportation mode and about the route you selected?

Phil chose that name as a joke. It was an acknowledgment of what Pete has been saying to his family and the South Christian staff.  "The first thing I'm going to do when I retire is ride my bike across country."  He retired on May 31 and left on this trip on June1. He says he wanted to do it because of the physical challenge and to see the Country at a bicycle pace. (We would never have see the rattle snake if we were in a car.) Dave and Pete rode together to the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.  They said at the time that when they retire they were going to to it. (Does that make a bucket list item?)  Two years ago Pete, Dave, Judy, Phil, and Jan rode around Lake Michigan on our bikes - 1200 miles.  We discussed this cross country trip then, but Jan and Judy opted out.  All of us have been taking bike trips for a long time.  This happens to be the longest and most demanding one ever for Pete, Gary, and Phil.

The route is laid out by Adventure Cycling.  Tomorrow we are wondering why they chose this segment because we have to climb to 10,500 feet from 6,000 in 20 miles. Someone told us there are some 12% grades. Pete is going to get his challenge. Biking is an acquired taste.

Phil with Pete looking over his shoulder.

PS  Dave just got back and we now have a new bug free windshield.


  1. Hi Dad! We are back from Florida! had a great time - it was 97 degrees and humid! Girls loved Seaworld and all the activities. Feels cold here in MI - Cloudy and dreary! Hope you are having a great time! RIDE HARD!!
    Love you tons!

  2. Did you find your phone?? Mom is off in Colorado having her girl time!

  3. According to him this individual wished to do it due to the actual concern also to see the Land buy cheap wow gold at a bicycle speed. (We'd never have start to see the tremble reptile if we ended up in the vehicle.) Dork as well as Pete rode jointly on the The atlanta area Olympics throughout The early nineties. They stated back then that when they will cease working they were likely to for it. (Really does that make a new suitable container list object?) Two in years past Pete, Gaga, Judy, Phil, and Jan rode about Pond Mi in our bicycles Sell WOW Gold -- 1200 a long way. We discussed this kind of cross-country journey next, nevertheless Jan along with Judy opted out and about. All people are already getting seo motorcycle journeys for years. This is the longest and most challenging 1 ever before for Pete, Grettle, and also Phil.