The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3: amazing scenery, good road progress despite a/c prob, Dave having back pain

Last evening we enjoyed a good meal and conversation at Julie and Daren  Zaruba's home but three of us bike riders were somewhat jealous as our fourth member, Phil, got lots of lovin from grandkids Zoe and Levi Zaruba. Makes one aware that all the advennture of a trip like this pales in comparison to family. It was nice to get to know the Zaruba family.
Another long day of driving, some of it on roads that will be the route in CO in a couple of weeks. Our car tour was interrupted by an air conditioning failure, leading to a stop at a shop in Grand Junction where we learned we had a belt break. So two bad breaks...a problem with the  brakes yesterday and a break in a hose today.
More serious was a hospital visit by Dave this evening, leading to some Valium for his severe back pain. We are going to have to keep him out of the driver's seat for our fourth and last day of travel to the Pacific, tomorrow.
What is good about the trip? We are getting along well, enjoying each others' companionship, and learning about our respective interests and careers. I've learned that Pete has been a teacher and school administrator for more than forty years, Phil has owned a business and more recently been directing programs that aid people with tax preparation, and Dave managed human service orgs and taught social work. Quite a group! And all love the Lord.
Also we are awed by the scenery, marveling at God's handiwork. Dave in fact is planning a book on Utah, he is so infatuated with what we saw today. --gary

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