The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Utah is behind us. Colorado is ahead.

We had to make our own hot water in a National Forest camp ground. Delores, CO

Dave & Pete crossing the line.

Pete busted by CO state police for riding on the wrong side of that white line..

Camp site in National Forest, Delores CO.
Blanding UT to Delores CO - 82 miles.  Phil rode 60 miles today.  The third time this trip.  We left beautiful Utah and entered beautiful Colorado.  A half mile into the state, Pete was busted by the CO State Police for doing 70 in a 60 mile zone. NA.  He was stopped for riding in the traffic lane when there was a wide shoulder available. We had a pleasant discussion with the officer and we assured him what we wouldn't mix it up with the semis anymore.
What a difference a day makes.  Western Colorado is cultivated.  There are green fields as far as I can see in all directions.  We can see the snow covered Rockies and we know are most difficult climbs are ahead.  We will be going over Monarch Pass at 11,300 feet in a few days.
Our camp ground was in a National Forest six miles from Delores.  We are learning that we really can get along without a shower every night.


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  1. Way to go DAD!!! You are even the RULE BOY!!! Way to be a rebel!! Love you