The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chanute KS to Pittsburg KS 59 miles.

The was really a short day.  Dave and Pete arrived in Pittsburg about 1:00PM.  Pitt is a rather large town with a huge city park with a large pool.  The parks people gave us bikers permission to camp there.  The do not allow other campers.  The pool and accompanying shower were available to us - free - too.

We were a day late.  Immanuel Lutheran Church has a permanent welcome to all bikers on their outside sign. It is located on a lightly traveled rural road in the middle of no where. Every Thursday they feed lunch to all comers including bikers. Our fellow travelers Rusty and Ray got in on it.  (see  We were a day late.  In the book What's So Amazing About Grace Yancy talks about churches which exhibit grace beyond maintaining their our congregation.  Immanuel's sign said in effect the door to the fellowship hall is open.  Help yourself.  Use it to sleep in if you need to. We checked, and sure enough the place was wide open.  That was a "dripping of Grace" for us today

Dave was on a mission today.  He wanted to, and did, drive to Joplin to make contact with relief agencies with whom the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee might be partners.  He agreed to write a blog and post pictures soon about his visit there.  Pete went with him. 
8000 homes were destroyed in Joplin

One of the places Dave contacted in Joplin.
I stayed and played golf at a course in this big park.

This is our last night in KS.  We really enjoyed the camping experiences in the city parks with pools.  We now will see what MO brings.


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