The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thunderstorms on the horizon.

 7/11/11 In our goal to ride every mile, Phil brought Pete back 14 miles to Sommersville where he rode solo back to Alley Springs.  Dave was feeling under the weather, and decided not to ride .  When Pete returned to the camp, Phil  joined him.

Jacks Fork River swimmin'  hole
Traveling through Eminence MO

Campsite at Ozark National Scenic Rivers
Alley Springs to Eminence is about six miles.  Our second breakfast was there. Ellington was another 26 miles further.  You'd think that is would be a piece of cake.  NOT.  Pete said these were the steepest hills he experienced on this trip, and he was in his granny gear more than ever before.  In fact he and I both experienced our front wheels coming off the ground on a couple of occasions. We think there were some 12% grades.  The temp 100 at 1:00 when we had lunch.  Pete decided to ride an additional twelve miles and started out solo -  Phil had had it.  Thunderstorms moved in, so Phil and Dave picked him up and drove back to Ellington and an air conditioned motel.

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