The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Elizbethtown IL and the mighty Ohio River.

Modern version of an Illinois  Outhouse

The word for the day, ready - "crepuscular", adj. of resembling, or relating to twilight both evening and morning. Now if you were 13 and participating in a spelling bee, you would ask the judge to use it in a sentence, so here goes,  "Haywood, in fact, was quick to credit providence for this good fortune, when in the crepuscular light of dawn he --" from West of Here by Jonathan Evison. That word caught my eye because I read it in the crepuscular evening twilight sitting at beautiful spot on the Ohio River as the coal barges chugged past.    The word came to mind again in the morning as we watched the sun and mist come up over the River.
Barge coming up river.  Elizabethtown, IL

Breakfast on the River.  Elizabethtown IL

The River Rose Inn, a B&B is located in Elizabethtown, IL, is just a few feet from the  River. While waiting for Dave and Pete to arrive, I inquired about the room rates at the same time as mentioning camping.  The proprietor said, "Oh we let bikers camp in our back yard.  You can use this shower room and swim in the pool.  The rate will be $5.00 per person."   Now if that ain't a dripping of Grace, I don't know what is. There was a gazebo right across the street where we cooked our evening meal - meat, potatoes, broccoli, sweet corn and diet Coke.  The guys arrived and were very happy to stay here after 65 miles rather than going another 11 to a state park.
River Rose B&B.  Elizabethtown IL  Ohio River

Camping in back yard of River Rose B&B

River Rose Inn B&B. Elizabethtown IL


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