The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Monday, July 25, 2011

Damascus VA. Rain. Bike Troubles.

Lots'a issues today,  fog in the AM leaving The Breaks Interstate Park,  many hills some very steep and many sharp hairpin curves,  Pete's bike broke a spoke, the wheel went out of round, and rain.

In the process of attempting to fix the spoke, another another one went.  So what to do.  Just then Phil showed up in the Yukon with the reserve bike.  Pete rode Phil's bike while Phil drove the broken one to a bike shop, an hours drive, 35 miles away in Abingdon.  The bike shop got to the bike after two hours.  They found a third spoke which was nearly a goner. The tire showed a lot of ware, so they put on the extra one Pete brought along.  The rear brake pads were shot too. All fixed.

The rain started while the bikes were being switched and continued the rest of the afternoon.  Man did it rain - in squalls.  Dave and Pete did not use rain gear since they were wet anyway.   We all met in Damascus while it was still raining.  A do it yourself car wash stall served as a good loading point including getting out of dripping wet bike clothes. 

Where are we going to sleep?  In a tent!  In the Rain!! Are you kidding?!!  There are no motels in Damascus according to Garman, so back to Abingdon, 11 miles, to a Days Inn.  I doubt we will cook tonight either.


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