The Riders

The Riders
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scott City to Ness City 55 Miles. Ness City KS to Larned KS 64 Miles

This ride took a bit longer because of -- you guessed it -- wind.  Pete and I rode an average of 11 miles per hour because of it and the heat.  You cannot imagine, at least  I never imagined, what a head wind does to your enthusiasm for being out in it. That and heat saps your strength and you are forward to the next city swimming pool.  I don't know if this is going to hold out, but all the Kansas cities we visited so far have city parks with swimming pools with showers and camping is allowed in them. A thunderstorm roared trough at Ness City.  I neglected to stake down my rain fly and all the water ran down from the top to under my tent and I woke up floating in a puddle.
Campsite in Ness City

How much work would it be to change a flat?

Dave carried all our gear to the lower level. What a guy!

Rusty (or Ray) took this picture of KS route 96.
I mentioned in prior posts that we are on the same route and Rusty and Ray.  Rusty is keeping a blog too.  He has a way with descriptions that are beyond me. They mention us every once in a while. So if you want a different description of the route and their experience check in at
Rusty McCain and Ray Ashworth

Kansas. All horizon and no mountains.
Larned City KS was the next one on our list of KS city to visit.  Dave and Pete reported that it those 64 miles were hard - wind in their faces and heat (100 today).  BUT.  The city pool and showers were fantastic. The grass is green and the ground is level.  The storm clouds gathering in the west are not going to dump any rain under my tent tonight. I think I learned.  I wish I could post some captivating pictures, but we haven't seen any captivating sights.  Field after field, after field, after field, grain elevator, after grain elevator on each horizon as far as the eye can see. You can see the next elevator 10 miles away - I clocked it.  Oh, and oil wells.  There are a lot of little ones all along the way. There are caravans of contract harvesters on the road - apparently from Texas.  They are hauling very large John Deer machines which take up the whole lane when they pass. We were warned by riders going west that KS might just be the hardest state to ride because of the sameness.  The road, KC 96, is straight, straight, straight. When the next town comes into view it looks like an oasis because of all the trees.  Ride through, no more trees.

Fort Larned National Historic Site.

Larned KS City Park/Pool.  Fountain in background.

We heard that the writeup about trip is in the GR Press today.  I have to get to it on yet.

Happy Forth of July



  1. Finally we got Phil on the straight and narrow.

  2. Great trip, and good posts--I'm jealous. There was a nice write up in the Kalamazoo Gazette today also, in the travel section.
    Safe travels.