The Riders

The Riders
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Corn as high as an elephants eye

Pete and I  rode the 74 miles from Sebree to Rough River State Park.  It was hot again but we hydrated well and it wasn't bad.  The hills were generally rolling, but there were a few long granny gear ones. The park we camped in Dave rated to be a C+.  The shower were moldy but they did have hot water.
Marty was our serendipity event here.  He invited the three of us for dinner.  He was formerly a minister in the Southern Baptist church and is currently the manager of his families musical group. We had a great meal and conversation.
The heat did not diminish much over night but we have learned to live with it.
Rough River Kentucky

Kentucky Tobacco

Dinner at Marty's campsite

Rough River State Park Kentucky

I am again impressed with the beauty of this country.  Each state has it unique scenery and farm industry. When Jan and I ride in the morning especially along a Michigan lake, we usually sign a few bars of  "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from Oklahoma.  There is a line in that song  ..the corn is as high as a elephants eye..  I always thought that was hyperbole because corn in Michigan is knee high by forth of July.  Kentucky corn made me a believer.  There were  field after field of 10 to 12 feet corn.  We saw some tobacco fields but surprisingly few.


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