The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Friday, July 1, 2011

Eads CO to Scott City KS. 105 Miles

You bikers might know how this goes.  The ride today was scheduled to end at Tribune KS.  Dave and Pete got there about 10:45 AM after 56 miles.  (They left Eads about 6:15 AM.) The looked at each other and said "It's too early to stop.  Let's go to Leoti -  another 22 miles."  Off they went.  They got there and called Phil to say they were going to Scott City - another 25 miles. Pete says his total for the day as 105 miles. The temp hit 100 degrees. We are staying in an athletic club.  We slept on the flood on our air mattresses.  The place is air conditioned, has showers, and a pool.  It has a great deck to fix our meal and share it with two other retirees, Al Nordstrom and Keith Wilson,  who are doing their bucket list ride.
Sharing dinner with Al & Keith at the Athletic Club.  Scott City

Kansas awaites.

Scott City Athletic Club. Deck and Pool

Our kitchen/dining room. Scott City

I am again impressed with scenery.  Farms.  There is cultivated land stretching to the horizon front, back, right, and left.  There are no trees. It's just fields. The John Deer harvesters are huge.  Grain trucks going to the elevators are everywhere.  Grain elevators are the tallest things around and they seem to be built every 1/2 mile.

The  ride tomorrow is scheduled to cover 51 miles.  But you know how that goes.



  1. Keep an eye out for Almira Gulch!

  2. Phil,
    I read about you guys in a fantastic article in the GR Press. Wow ... I knew you were a biker but .... WOW!! I must have missed the Baxter staff meeting where this was announced. God bless you all and I'm praying for safety, good health and good weather. And that you keep your book list updated.
    Joanie Rosema