The Riders

The Riders
The end at Yorktown

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A whole shower of GRACE in Sebree, KY

Another unique feature of this trip - a free ferry barge ride across the Ohio River.  The ferry was at Cave-In-Rock 11 miles from Elizabethtown.  The route however was very hilly and the riders were wiped out already.  So we had a second breakfast. before we got on the ferry to Kentucky.
Kentucky starts at the Rivers edge.

Ohio River Ferry Crossing

Ferry at Cave-In-Rock crossing. Ohio River
Our goal for today was Sebree, KY. 63 miles away.  We learned from Al and Keith (see their picture on the post from Scott City KS below)  that Sebree1st Baptist Church hosts bikers in church's facilities.  We experienced a whole shower of GRACE.  Pastor Bob and Violet Hardison feel they have a ministry to the wayfarers, and they have been doing it for over 30 years. In 2001 the church expanded and added showers, and laundry facilities specifically for bikers.  Pastor Bob showed us around, had us put three pins on a map on the place where we were from, showed us God's plan of salvation for our lives, and told us to help ourselves to the facilities.  It had a full kitchen, but Bob said Violet was going to fix us "a little something" for supper.

Later in the afternoon Jacob, Mike, Marcus showed up.  These guys never knew each other before they hit the road. The six of us had a good time sharing the facilities.  Jake had a rough day. He had a flat which totally destroyed his tube and he had no spare.  He hitched a ride to Sebree.  Resourceful Dave toured the neighborhood, bought a wheel from a resident off a rusted bike, and brought it back to Jake. That worked and Jake was back on the road.

Supper time. The six of us headed to the house where we met Glen - a neighbor - nine for dinner in all. That "little something" consisted of butterfly pork chops, chicken, mashed potatoes, lettuce salad, sauteed squash, fresh green beans, corn bread, muskmelon, and lemon pie with ice cream for desert. WOW.  We were overwhelmed.
Every dish had leftovers, and everyone including Violet was stuffed.  Violet related their history of this ministry including some of the unique bikers and their bikes they have hosted.  I looked back in the guest registry and found Al and Keith's entry on 6/12/11. There we 70 other bikers at that table between them and us!  We asked who pays for the food.  They said it comes from their personal food budget, and they have never charged any biker in all the time they were doing this.  I will be sending a donation to them when I get back.  Their ddress is PO Box 148, Sebree KY 42455.
Our hostel room n Sebree KY  1st Baptist Church.

We had use of a full kitchen.

Mike (from CA), Marcus (from PA), Jacob (from England)

After dinner Jake finished putting his bike together but he still didn't have a spare.  So I drove the three young guys to Walmart to get some in Henderson, 42 miles round trip.


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